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Accord Team

The Accord team provide a wealth of experience and specialisms. Our Trustees and Members work in many different sectors of industry, education and public sector and ensure that Accord’s stakeholder needs are met in a governed and moral approach…

The links below provide outline details in relation to colleagues representing the Accord Multi Academy Trust team:

  • Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is the main Governing Body for the Trust and is accountable for the actions of all elements of the Trust including academy performance and financial probity. The full Board of Trustees meet four times a year but also meet in sub-committee form at other times.

    The Board is responsible for Trust strategy and monitoring operational policy through the Chief Executive (CEO). Quorum for the full Board of Trustees is no less than three Trustees in attendance.

    Each individual academy within the group has a Local Governing Body (LGB). The Board of Trustees formally delegates a wide range of powers to LGB’s covering the statutory and operational duties necessary for it to discharge its duties on behalf of the Board and of the relevant academy.

    John Leam

    Chair of Trustees | Accord MAT

    Richard Dennett

    Vice Chair of Trustees | Accord MAT

    Mike Dyson

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Mo Mathers

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Lynne Cramphorn

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    David Dickinson

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Nick Adams

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Sonya Strafford

    Trustee | Accord MAT

  • Trust Members

    The members of an academy trust are the guardians of the governance of the trust. The members’ role is discrete and distinct; they are tasked with assessing if the Board of Trustees is performing well and, as such, are ensuring that the purpose of the trust is being met, and its charitable object of “advancing education for the public benefit” is being fulfilled.

    Members appoint members and trustees in line with the Articles of Association, and receive the Annual Accounts and Report.

    The members meet, usually once a year at an annual general meeting. The Annual Accounts and Report are presented to members at this meeting.

    Richard Dennett

    Chair of Members | Accord MAT

    Brendan Kelly

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

    Katie Spiers

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

    Graham Howarth

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

    John Ruane

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

  • Education Strategy Group

    The Educational Strategy Group (ESG), this is the forum where Principals work alongside the CEO and other designated senior leaders to innovate, and to shape strategy targeted at ensuring we secure a world class education for our young people.

    Nicola Walker

    Principal | Horbury Academy

    Julie Tomlinson

    Executive Headteacher | Primary Academies

    Jamie Lawler

    Executive Leader | Secondary Academies

    Sam Broome

    Principal | Ossett Academy

    Alan Warboys

    Chief Executive Officer | Accord MAT

  • Operations Team

    The Operations Team is the senior operational leadership of the Trust, ensuring that the financial legal, compliance, and HR strategies support to the education outcomes of the Trust.

    Alan Warboys

    Chief Executive Officer | Accord MAT

    Emma Moggridge

    PA to the Chief Executive | Accord MAT

    Geoff Howsam

    Director of Estates | Accord MAT

    Daniel Barlow

    Director of Data, Information & Systems | Accord MAT

    Lisa Binks

    Director of HR | Accord MAT

    Jan Mckinlay

    Director of Finance | Accord MAT

    Katy Stringer

    Director of Operations | Accord MAT

    Steve Thompson

    Director of ICT | Accord MAT

    Dan Green

    Employment & Progression Manager | Accord MAT

    Laura Booth

    Events & PR | Accord MAT

    Sarah Gaskell

    Mental Health Practitioner | Accord MAT