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Accord Team

Welcome to our Accord Team.

We pride ourselves in providing a wealth of experience and specialisms to support our family of Accord academies, though our team of dedicated education and industry specialists.

Our Trustees and Members work in many different sectors of industry, education and public sector and ensure that Accord’s stakeholder needs are met in a governed and moral approach.

You can find out a little more about us below.

  • Board of Trustees

    The Board is responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the Trust and is made up of seven Member-appointed Trustees and two co-opted Trustees.

    The Board:

    • ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
    • holds the CEO to account for the educational performance of the Trust’s academies and their pupils, plus the performance management of staff
    • oversees the financial performance of the Trust and makes sure its money is well spent.

    The Board produces an annual report on the performance of the Trust for Members and for external publication. It also produces a newsletter for all members of the governance structure after each Board meeting.

    Because Trustees are bound by both charity and company law, the terms ‘Trustees’ and ‘Directors’ are often used interchangeably. The Accord Multi Academy Trust uses the term ‘Trustee’ to avoid confusion, as executive leaders may be called Directors but are neither company directors, nor Trustees.

    As part of their responsibilities, a Trustee may take on a link responsibility, either as a Chair of a Committee, or for a Trust-wide priority.

    Further information on the role of our trustees can be found in our Trustees Governance Handbook.

    Should you be interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact the Trust Director of Operations in the first instance.

    Please find below details of our current Trustees:

    John Leam

    Chair of Trustees | Accord MAT

    Mike Dyson

    Vice Chair of Trustees | Accord MAT

    Mo Mathers

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Lynne Cramphorn

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Nick Adams

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Sonya Strafford

    Trustee | Accord MAT

    Pamela Smith

    Trustee | Accord MAT

  • Trust Members

    The members of an academy trust are the guardians of the governance of the trust. The members’ role is discrete and distinct; they are tasked with assessing if the Board of Trustees is performing well and, as such, are ensuring that the purpose of the trust is being met, and its charitable object of “advancing education for the public benefit” is being fulfilled.

    Members appoint members and trustees in line with the Articles of Association, and receive the Annual Accounts and Report.

    The members meet, usually once a year at an annual general meeting. The Annual Accounts and Report are presented to members at this meeting.

    Katie Spiers

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

    Graham Howarth

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

    John Ruane

    Trust Member | Accord MAT

  • Education Strategy Group

    The Educational Strategy Group (ESG), this is the forum where Principals work alongside the CEO and other designated senior leaders to innovate, and to shape strategy targeted at ensuring we secure a world class education for our young people.

    Alan Warboys

    Chief Executive Officer | Accord MAT

    Jamie Lawler

    Executive Leader | Secondary Academies

    Julie Tomlinson

    Executive Headteacher | Primary Academies

    Nicola Walker

    Principal | Horbury Academy

    Sam Broome

    Principal | Ossett Academy

    Hannah Young

    Head of Academy | Middlestown Primary Academy

  • Subject Directors

    Kelly Barraclough Dunn

    Director of English | Accord

    Dan Silkstone

    Director of Mathematics | Accord

    Peter Williams

    Director of Science | Accord

  • Operations Team

    The Operations Team is the senior operational leadership of the Trust, ensuring that the financial legal, compliance, and HR strategies support to the education outcomes of the Trust.

    Alan Warboys

    Chief Executive Officer | Accord MAT

    Emma Moggridge

    PA to the Chief Executive | Accord MAT

    Lisa Binks

    Chief Operating Officer | Accord MAT

    Claire Brook

    Chief Finance Officer | Accord MAT

    Geoff Howsam

    Director of Estates | Accord MAT

    Steve Thompson

    Director of ICT | Accord MAT

    Dan Green

    Employment & Progression Manager | Accord MAT

    Laura Page

    Marketing & Communication | Accord MAT

    Gez Bayston

    Administration Assistant | Accord MAT