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Accord MAT is a designated National Support School (NSS) Trust. We have a track record of working in partnership with academies and Trusts, offering a wide range of services and support, tailored to the needs of each organisation. From specific advice and guidance to developing longer-term relationships, we support our partners to develop cost-effective solutions to help them achieve their goals.

School Improvement

We work to ensure all our pupils can achieve their potential and progress to the next stage in their education. We have a strong track record of rapid and effective school improvement work. We have a team of Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs) with a range of expertise and skills needed to support our partners. Staff within the Trust also have direct experience within Ofsted, making us ideally placed to help our partner Trusts and academies to prepare for inspections, ensuring they are in the best position possible leading up to inspection windows. We offer support in key areas of school improvement, including:

  • In-school review and self-evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • School improvement planning
  • Subject-specific support
  • Curriculum review, planning and advice
  • Leadership and management review and development
  • Ofsted inspection preparation
  • Safeguarding review
  • Review of procedures and provision around SEND and Pupil Premium

Human Resources

Looking after the wellbeing of all members of the organisation’s community is the cornerstone of a successful Trust. We are experienced in ensuring Human Resources departments are equipped to provide the support needed to succeed. We are able to offer our partners comprehensive support across Human Resources, including:

  • Change management (e.g. restructures and redundancy)
  • Managing staffing issues and their effects on performance
  • Policy support and guidance

Business Management & Support

As a Trust, we have placed great importance on building a strong capacity to provide effective central support to our academies and other partners. This ‘behind the scenes’ work ensures that all Trust operations run effectively to allow staff to focus on providing world-class teaching and learning. We offer support to central Trust teams to assist our partners in running effectively and efficiently. This support includes:

  • Estate and facilities management
  • Risk assessment and compliance
  • ICT
  • Finance and procurement
  • Business operations including:
    • Governance
    • Audit and risk
    • Data protection
    • Compliance

Continuing Professional Development

As well as in-house expertise, we benefit from collaboration and positive relationships with a wide variety of external organisations which we are able to extend in support of our partners. This includes Teaching School Hubs, other Trusts, regional and national organisations and Local Authorities.